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Hi. I'm Max. I'm a Soundman, professionally speaking.

In live concert productions,
I create Max Sound.

Max Sound is round sound,
with a touch of magic.

As an audio engineer, I mix music for live concert performances, in music clubs, cultural festivals, corporate gigs and community events.

The guy in the soundbooth. That's me. Max, the sound guy.

If you'd like information on how to organize sound for your event, contact me anytime...

Your party or event should feel special, with a touch of musical magic.

We can create musical magic with special playlists, and professional fine tuning of the sound system, to please all kinds of ears.

Max Sound takes care of your entertainment needs, by managing events with a purpose, and an aim of making everyone happy.
Max Sound Sample
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This impromtu, unrehearsed video features the special voice of Annie Bonsignore, entertaining regularly at 120 Diner in downtown Toronto

What do you think of this downtown club sound? Can you hear the words clearly? Can you hear the singer's heart, full of emotion?
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